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Digestive Institute Of Arizona: Your Partner In Digestive Health

The Digestive Institute of Arizona has always understood the significance of maintaining good digestive health. Our team is composed of gastroenterologists and expert healthcare practitioners who specialize in offering comprehensive services using the latest techniques and technologies to diagnose digestive system complications. One vital operation we offer is a colonoscopy procedure. Our modernized systems provide a safe environment for patients during this process; you will be treated thoroughly from the start to the end of your treatment process.
Our experienced team is ready to provide personalized care for all your needs. At the Digestive Institute of Arizona, we strive to ensure you achieve and maintain a well-functioning digestive system for better health and happiness.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure done by a gastrointestinal specialist, a health professional responsible for the digestive system, to evaluate the entire inner part of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. Throughout the procedure, a light and camera-equipped thin, long, and flexible tube (colonoscope) will be introduced into your rectum, which then moves smoothly within the large bowel. This means that the physician can identify any irregularity, such as polyps, which are growths liable to turn cancerous after some time or inflammation. The colonoscopy can remove any possible growth of polyps, thereby preventing them from becoming cancerous during this operation.

Who Needs a Colonoscopy?

The Digestive Institute of Arizona advocates for regular colon cancer screening starting at age 45. Those with an increased risk of colon cancer include individuals with:

What to Expect During a Colonoscopy

Before the Procedure:

During the Procedure:

After the Procedure:

Colonoscopy Benefits

Here are some of the major benefits that come with a colonoscopy:

Risks of Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a secure process with minimal dangers. However, potential complications that can occur might be:

Preparing for Your Colonoscopy at Digestive Institute of Arizona

To have a smooth colonoscopy experience, please consider doing the following:

Why Choose the Digestive Institute of Arizona for Your Colonoscopy?

The Digestive Institute of Arizona is devoted to providing excellent care for all patients. Here’s what makes us unique:

Experienced Gastroenterologists

Our staff of board-certified GI doctors have vast experience in completing colonoscopies and other digestive procedures. They deeply care about personalized treatments and ensure you are comfortable all throughout the operation.

Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program

We have a simple process for getting preventive colonoscopies. A system designed to eliminate the need for primary party referrals has been put in place. You can call our office directly to book an appointment.

Focus on Patient Comfort

We know that a colonoscopy may be anxiety-inducing. During the procedure, we have choices for sedation to make it as comfortable as possible. Our personnel are sympathetic and will discuss your concerns before, during, and after your colonoscopy.

Advanced Technology

We use modern machines for colonoscopies, which enable us to perform accurate examinations and remove any polyps present if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

During colonoscopy, most patients feel little pain because they are given sleep medicine. When the colonoscope is slid into your anus and farther up your large bowel, you may experience some pressure or bloating, but it should not be bad. Afterward, one can get some mild cramps or gas that will typically disappear within twenty-four hours.
Although it is a safe and effective procedure, some potential complications are rare. These may include bleeding, perforation of the colon, or adverse reactions to sedation medications. Nonetheless, our team of experienced gastroenterologists always takes every precaution necessary to minimize such risks and ensure that you stay safe during the whole process.